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Natural Spray Mist: She's a Fox

Written by Heidi Villegas


Posted on May 11 2021

Hey, there, Foxy Mama!

You are alluring, sensuous, and unique, right? Well, you need a natural scent that shows the world how Foxy you are! This aromatherapy scent is light, refreshing, and has a sexy vibe. It’s quite unique! Scented with woodsy, spicy, and soft essential oils, it’s a keeper.

I still make it for a good friend of mine because she loves it so much. She likes to spray it in her hair. She was at the doctor’s office a while back, and get this: the doc couldn’t stop smelling her hair!

She asked him what was up with that? (Er….Hello?)

He told her he’d never smelled hair that wonderful before! When she told me this, I had to laugh. I thought it was cute, all weirdness aside.

Here's why you need natural sprays:

They are Free of Toxins!

Do you realize that when you go spend your 100 plus dollars on that fancy schmancy Opium or Poison perfume or that hand sanitizer, or that room freshening spray, you really ARE buying poison? Like—-real, honest to goodness poison?

Unfortunately, it’s true….because my friend, when you decide to spritz that chemical syrup onto your skin, you are putting toxins right onto the largest organ in your body—the skin. And molecules of those toxins will eventually get into your bloodstream.

I’ll bet you’re wondering: What kind of toxins?

Well, since our government allows tens of thousands of chemicals that are actually banned in other countries around the world to be allowed in our personal care products here in the U.S., it’s probable you are getting all kinds of nastiness.

In fact, my recommendation is, if you read a label and see the generic word, “fragrance” or even “natural fragrance,” run for the hills.

This is because you are getting poisons like endocrine disruptors, my dear. These are responsible for a large number of medical issues when used over time in and on your body.

You see, your body stores many of these toxins in your fat cells, and the poisons slowly accumulate over time. Pretty horrible, isn’t it? Allergic reactions to these chemicals are also far more common than with natural essential oils.

You may even be alienating the people around you who you are trying to impress! Have you ever felt physically ill when that woman with the overdone perfume waltzed by you in the restaurant?

I know I have!

Essential oils, however, are extracted from special chambers in certain plants that contain them. They're 100% natural. They smell absolutely amazing! And many of them have exceptional immune-boosting and healing properties besides smelling great. 



Pine Essential Oil:

Pine essential oil is purifying, woodsy, with a resinous scent. It’s clarifying to the mind, and it reminds you of a beautiful day in the forest.

Tangerine Essential Oil:

Tangerine essential oil is light and sweet, bringing qualities of mood uplifting to play in this perfume. It also contains limonene, which makes is wonderfully purifying.

Orange Essential Oil:

Like Tangerine essential oil, Orange is also uplifting as most of the citrus essential oils are. However, it doesn’t have the sweetness of the Tangerine, and it balances the strong Pine very well while enhancing the citrus of the Tangerine.

Benzoin Essential Oil:

Benzoin essential oil is very viscous and thick. I have to run the bottle under warm water or set it in a warm water bath to measure out the correct number of drops. Benzoin is excellent for your skin. It has a sweet scent with overtones of a spice not unlike vanilla.

Howood Essential Oil:

Howood is a lesser known essential oil with a delightful scent. It’s distilled from the bark of the Howood tree. It smells spicy-woodsy-with some citrus elements. It’s a very difficult to describe scent, and it’s one of the reasons this blend works so well.

Lavender Essential Oil:

As far as this blend goes, lavender adds a nice floral touch. It’s a soothing and balancing essential oil that combines well in this small amount.

I hope you LOVE She's a Fox! Let me know how you like it!